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Quality, reliability, safety

Over 50 years presence in the Bulgarian machine industry market.

Leading manufacturer of spare parts for machine components and spare parts and warehouse transportation equipment.

Vast experience in the development and production of machine details and metalwork and strong presence in the local and global markets.

about us

Garant JSC is established in 1964 as a factory for production of brake cylinders and brake systems. In the years the company transforms its structure and management and continuously develops and advances its production system to stand out now as a major manufacturer in the Bulgarian machine industry. At present, the company is a joint-stock company and specialises in the production of oil, piston and gear pumps, hydraulic systems and components, brake system components, spare parts for machine industry and warehouse transportation equipment.



This process is the foundation of the right configuration of the details and compliance with the requirements


This process performance is based on years and experience, strong expertise, monitoring, improvement, safety and reliability


The process is carried out by experienced, qualified and motivated staff in accordance with the goals and policies of the company


The process of assembly of machine components into finished products and production of structures and structural elements

Tools unit

The site ensures smooth and quality production process and performs control and measurement activities 

Galvanization, heat treatment and painting

Finishing operations and improvements to end products and components

Quality control and assurance

The process of control of percentage of swelling of rubber products, technical characteristics of springs, kinematic viscosity of oils, 100% dimensional control of the final product, and others


  • CNC metal cutting machines;
  • Grinding machines;
  • Milling cutters and gear shaping machines;
  • Keyway milling machines and grooving machines;
  • Single-spindle and multi-spindle machines for machining of details from calibrated material and for hull processing; 
  • Sheet metal working machinery
  • Machine for express quantitative spectral analysis of ferrous and non-ferrous metals;
  • Hardness testing machine for metals and alloys;
  • 3D coordinate measuring machine; 
  • Profila projector; 
  • Tools for pumps testing and percentage of rubber swelling
  • Machinery for powder coating and nitrocellulose and alkyd painting;
  • Unit for electroplating for corrosion protection;
  • Equipment for heatreatment and parts improvement


Execution of project within Operational programme "Innovations and Competitiveness 2014 - 2020“

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