Development and planning is a foundational process in the manufacturing activity. During this stage design and technological documentation is being developed. This is the main step for the right configuration of the details and for compliance with the customer requirements.


Activities are carried out directly based on the technical documentations and according to client's requirements. The performance of this process is based on the experience, expertise, monitoring, improvements, safety and reliability.


This process may include cutting, bending, pressing, turning, milling, drilling, gear cutting and gear milling, honing, grinding, etc. through complex or sequential operations. We work details with high precision and smoothness, complex body configurations, as well as non-standard products and small lots. The activities are carried out by experienced, qualified and motivated staff in accordance with the goals and policies of the company.


Assembly of machined components into finished products, assembly and installing of knots and aggregates, manufacturing of structures and structural elements.

Tools unit

Production of prototypes and non-standard equipment, accessories and punches, cutting and measuring tools. The tool units provides a smooth and quality production process, as well as control and measurement activities.

Galvanization, heat treatment and painting

Finishing operations and improvements to end products and components. Electrochemical galvanizing, oxidation and phosphation, vacuum heat treatment, tempering and ionic nitriding, protection of products by powder coating or corrosion protection.

Quality control and assurance

The process covers all activities related to entry control of raw materials, qualitative and quantitative analysis of metal products, metallographic and spectrographic analysis of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, hardness tests and bending tests, as well as the percentage of swelling of rubber products, technical characteristics of springs, kinematic viscosity of oils, 100% dimensional control of the final products.