About us

Garant JSC is established in 1964 as a factory for production of brake cylinders and brake systems. In the years the company transforms its structure and management and continuously develops and advances its production system to stand out now as a major manufacturer in the Bulgarian machine industry. At present, the company is a joint-stock company and specialises in the production of oil, piston and gear pumps, hydraulic systems and components, brake system components, spare parts for machine industry and warehouse transportаtion equipment. 

Garant JSC is a factory established is 1964 as a part of DSO Hydravlika. Initially it specialises in manufacturing of cylinders and systems, then gear pumps, brake ropes and spare parts for forklifts are added to the production assortment, followed by valves and hydraulic stations in the beginning of 70s. From 1977 the factory is a part of Hydraulic Components Plant, when in 1980 it separates as independent company with five groups of products: brake cylinders, brake ropes, valves and regulators, gear pumps, hydroaggregates. In 1997 the factory is transformed into 100% privately owned Joint-stock company for trade and production of machine components. 

The management implements active and purposeful policy for quality, health and safety with the following main directions:

    • To maintain constant high standard of production activities according to customer requirement and relevant legal base;
    • Effective use of material, financial and human resources;
    • Development of new products and implementation of new technologies;
    • Maintaining of competitive advantage through price, quality and customer satisfaction;
    • Continuous learning and employees training and stimulation of motivation for performance improvement;
    • Effective policy, control and training for health and safety;
    • Suitable and effective work environment to increase effectiveness and prevent incidents.

Our Ethics Policy establishes the moral and ethical standards and principles for behaviour of our employees according to the values set in our corporate culture and which our employess commited to comply with during their daily activities as employees of Garant JSC. 

Corporate relations and behaviour

    1. In their their daily activities the employees of Garant JSC all shall follow the corporate culture, policies, values and interest. 
    2. In their daily interaction the employees shall build relationships based on trust, tolerance, ethics and helpfulness. 
    3. Behaviour that is discriminative or violates personal dignity shall not be allowed in any reason. 
    4. All employees shall take responsibility for thier actions and shall actively participate in problem solving in the company.

Personal behaviour

At the execution of their daily professional activities and in their personal life the employees of Garant JSC shall not follow behaviour that impairs the prestige of the company. 

  1. They shall honour their professional commitments and obligations.
  2. They shall not violate the rights of their colleagues, customers and business partners. 
  3. They shall strongly condemn violence and discrimination of any kind. 
  4. They shall comply with The Labour Act and the standards for health and safety and they shall observe the Bulgarian and internation law as well as the company internal policies and rules.

Relationship with business partners

  1. Employees shall follow rules for transparent and honourable communication with company business partners. 
  2. They shall protect and encourage competitiveness and build trust in their relationships with community and business partners. 
  3. They shall encourage the fight against all kids of corruption and illegal personal gain.  
  4. In the communication with business partner, employees shall always act in accordance to the general principles and norms for respect and honesty.