Technological equipment for metalworking

  • Vertical CNC machining centres with three, four and five axes of motion;
  • Precision shredding machines; 
  • Vertical and horizontal CNC lathes; 
  • Multifunctional CNC  lathes for complex turning, milling and drilling operations 
  • STUDER grinding machine with high precision for complex parts; 
  • Machines for inner, outer, center and flat grinding 
  • Hydraulic billet bending press machine and eccentric punching press; 
  • Sheet bending machine; 
  • Cutting guillotines; 
  • CNC thermal cutting machine; 
  • Bandsaws and semi-automatic cutting machines 

Technology for finishing operations


  • galvanizing;
  • oxidation;
  • phosphating
  • hardening;
  • annealing and normalisation;
  • ion nitriding;
  • vacuum heat treatment